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Mini Dental Implant Over Denture

Victor I. Sendax DDS, a Manhattan clinician, developed the mini dental implant technique in the mind-seventies. Years of research and clinical trials led to the U.S.Patent Office granting Dr. Sendax a patent for his mini dental implant system on May 12, 1998. Once applied, mini dental implants provide immediate support for periodontically or endodontically compromised natural teeth, and further act as an interim abutment for a failing fixed or removable prosthesis. Perhaps the most important application is the immediate and long-term stabilization of a lower denture. Of all mini dentalimplant systems currently on the market, the MDI is the only system approved for long term use. Late in 1998, Dr. Sendax licensed IMTEC Corporation USA to manufacture and market the Sendax MDI mini dental implant system. The MDI was subsequently introduced to the dental market in April of the next year and has since been well received by clinicians worldwide. This innovative, minimally invasive technique is currently marketed globally and is fast becoming the system of choice for stabilizing the prosthesis of dental patients around the world.

Mini Implant Fee $700 per Implant

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