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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

 A wisdom tooth is a type of molar. It is also called the third molar. The molars are masticatory teeth that are located in the back oral area. There are first, second and third molars. The third molars or the wisdom teeth are the back teeth. Usually the wisdom teeth cut out at teen ages. There could be four wisdom teeth: upper right wisdom tooth, upper left wisdom tooth, lower right wisdom tooth, and lower left wisdom tooth.

Evolution has given us a smaller jaw than the jaw of our predecessors. The thing is that nowadays we eat softer food. So, there may be no place for the wisdom tooth to come out. In the case several problems may occur. First of all the lack of place causes impacted wisdom teeth problem.

Impacted wisdom teeth are the teeth that are not fully grown. It may be caused by the lack of space, i.e. small jaw, or an incorrect inclination of the wisdom tooth.

The impacted wisdom teeth are classified according to the direction of impaction. In the case there may be medial, vertical, horizontal and distant types of the wisdom teeth impaction.

There are also bony impaction and soft tissue impaction. A bony impaction means that the wisdom tooth is located in the jawbone. A soft tissue impaction occurs when the wisdom tooth has passed the jawbone but not fully passed the gum.

The basic impacted wisdom teeth problem consists in the complexity and sometimes even in the impossibility of the impacted wisdom teeth proper cleaning. In the case several diseases such as caries or even apical infections may develop in the accumulated dental deposit.

A pericoronitis is a result of impacted wisdom teeth problem. It is an infection that occurs in the tissue of the impacted wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis is the most frequent impacted wisdom teeth problem. It is caused by the bacteria that are accumulated in the dental deposit that cannot be cleaned by the patient on his own. The symptoms of the pericoronitis are the following: sensible and swollen gum around the wisdom tooth, intense pain, and offensive breathe and foul taste. If you find these symptoms you should visit your dentist. The usual treatment in the case is antibiotics course. Then your dentist will show how to irrigate the spare between the wisdom tooth and the gum where the bacteria are accumulated.

The next impacted wisdom teeth problem consists in the complexity of the wisdom tooth and the nearest tooth dentistry. Sometimes it is very difficult to treat even caries, because it is hard even to touch the impacted wisdom tooth by the instruments. It also concerns the tooth near the impacted wisdom teeth. In the case your dentist may offer you to extract the impacted wisdom tooth. Sometimes it is the best way out from the economical and health point of view.

But it is better to extract the impacted wisdom teeth in your teens when the roots of teeth are not formed and the bone is not so firm. The regenerative process is easier and more effective in the youth as well. The regenerative process after the wisdom teeth extraction is more difficult and long for women who intake contraceptive agents, for smokers and people older than 30.

If your dentist recommends you to extract the impacted wisdom tooth he should explain you the reasons for the extraction and the possible risk and the possible consequences. The X-ray is obligatory before and after the extraction.

If your wisdom tooth is impacted usually you cannot use it as masticatory tooth. It means that it does not fulfill its function but you can face the impacted wisdom teeth problem. In the case we recommend you not to doubt, consult your dentist and not to postpone the impacted wisdom teeth extraction.

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